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5 common Issues Faced by Amazon Kindle Fire Users with their Solution

The Kindle Fire is the electronic media tablet that has become one of the bestselling devices. Actually, it is a tablet-like a device which is a cross between a smartphone and a laptop to provide to test of technology in your hand. Although it comes with many advanced features still there are some problems users have been complaining about reportedly.

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5 common Issues Faced by Kindle Fire Users are as follows:

Note: Kindle customer service is also available to resolve all given problems.

1: Short battery life

Quickly draining battery is one of the most common issue users complain about the device.

Solution: – Restart your device, if you are also having the same problem. You need to just press the power button until the device restarts. As an alternative, you can also try reinstalling particular battery draining programs or resetting your device back to the factory settings.

2: Frequently crashing application

If your device applications crashing or won’t load then the problem may be related to loading the heavy applications.

Solution: You can try clearing application cache or force stopping from Settings -> Apps and Games -> Manage All Applications. Try reinstalling the application, if that doesn’t help.

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3: Haze or Discolored screen

Is your device found purple or blue haze on the edge of the Kindle Fire screen, then get Kindle customer service actually, it is likely a manufacturer’s default so replace the device with new one.

4: Overheating

Are your device heats up when you use heavy applications? If yes, then it could be related to broken links of a program running in the background like high-graphic games. However, sometimes it could be a hardware issue if your device heats up regardless.

5: Screen Flicker

The Amazon Kindle Fire screen often flickers, According to many users while playing games.

Solution: – Try to remove your device cover as well as change the manual settings to resolve this issue. Alternatively, contact Amazon support for assistance and let them fix your issues.

You call experts via Kindle fire support number and get an optimal solution of all technical issues like given above or other issues like Crashing Silk browser, Freezing, Erratic Keyboard, Keeps turning off and much more.

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