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5 Easy Steps to Block Pop-Up Ads on Windows 8

The occurrence of pop-up ads occasionally can be a minor inconvenience, but remaining it persistent can be really frustrating and make the unpleasant user experience of Windows 8. Pop-ups are the most widely used advertising way on websites that launch a new window that involves an ad while loading the page. Often pop-up ads that display without user-interaction can be a sign of adware or malware attack on the system.

By accessing the pop-up blocking control features, which is equipped with the IE 10, you can block the pop-up ad. The process may be complicated, but you can still get assistance by dialing the Microsoft Windows 8 customer service phone number.

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Blocking Pop-up Ads on Internet Explorer 10

  1. At first, access the Internet Explorer browser program. You can locate the browser icon either on the task bar or the desktop. Simply double-click on the icon to open it.
  2. Search for the ‘Settings’ button. It seems like a gear icon and can be placed in the window’s top-right corner. Click on it to open a drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Internet Options’ selection located near to the bottom of the related box. If you’re unable to click the option, you should minimize the window.
  4. Click the ‘Privacy’ tab located at the upper of the screen.
  5. Select the check box beside the ‘Pop-up Blocker’ option. Click the ‘OK’ button to activate the service.

Now, you will be able to enable the pop-up blocker in your IE browser, and its default settings will turn off automatic pop-up screens, which mean it will block pop-up ads that open on page load but will still open pop-up ads created while you tap or click a link. However, if you want to allow a few sites to pop-up, then you can click the ‘Settings’ button next to the checkbox of the pop-up blocker and deactivate it from there.

Sometimes, you can also use the pop-up blocker program to tackle unwanted pop-up ads and stop them from ever opening. This is the best way to turn off pop-ups on page load and only let them while you click on the link or has allowed pop-ups from a specific site. If you’re still unable to get rid of the pop-up ads, even after putting a lot of efforts, then you can acquire the solution by calling at the Windows 8 service number.

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