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5 Handy Steps to Run a Boot-Time Scan In Avast Antivirus

If you find that your computer system is infected by viruses, malware, and other vulnerabilities, running a boot-time scan using your security software might be helpful to diagnose and eradicate all viruses. Avast Antivirus lets you schedule a boot-time scan to find for malware when your system boots up. It scans for all kinds of malware and eliminates threats before your operating system, and other applications are functioning. It’s the best way because some file can’t be deleted when your system is running.

The boot-time scan of Avast Antivirus is an advanced and determined feature intended to use while you find any threats on the computer, and usually take a couple of minutes to run. It’s scheduled to work only when required, not on a regular basis. If you suspect any viruses in your system, you can either call at the Avast customer service phone number to get the help of experts to perform a complete system scan or can follow up.

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Steps cited below to run a boot-time scan.

Steps are –

  1. First of all, launch your Avast antivirus and then navigate to its user interface. Click the ‘Scan’ option, followed by the ‘Scan for viruses.’ Choose the ‘Boot-Time Scan’ option from the drop-down menu list.
  2. Click the ‘Start’ button to schedule the Boot-time scan to perform next time when you start the system.
  3. Once prompted, choose the ‘Yes’ option if you want to restart your system instantly and run the scheduled Boot-time scan.
  4. While your computer restarts, a screen ‘Boot-time scan’ appears as your operating system loads. Once the scan is finished, Windows continues to boot up.
  5. If any of the threats is discovered, choose which action to perform, unless you have formerly indicated measures to take automatically in Boot-time scan configurations.

Technically the boot-time scan runs before the operating system is loaded hence it doesn’t give any possibility to hide the malware itself. If you’re unable to perform a boot-time scan in normal mode because of malware stops Avast from doing that, then you can run a boot-time scan in Safe Mode. However, if you find any technical glitches while using the Avast or you’re not able to perform a boot-time scan, then you can solve them instantly by contacting to experts at the Avast phone number.

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