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6 Steps to Print Index Cards with Lexmark X Series Printer

Running a small business office often means performing the best deal of printing on a daily basis. The Lexmark X Series of printers are the color inkjet printing machines that can handle all printing requirements efficiently and even print on the non-standard paper sizes like index cards. For doing all that’s tasks you need to change the printer settings and set it appropriately. To set it up correctly for printing the Index Cards, you can get the step-by-step process by calling on the Lexmark printer service number. On the other hand,

Follow these steps to print cards with the Lexmark X Series printer.

Step 1: Download the new driver software for your particular Lexmark Series X printer model from the Lexmark’s official site. You will find the program under ‘Downloads’ in the ‘Support’ section. Save the driver installation file on the PC somewhere you can easily find them like Downloads and Desktop folder.

Step 2: Click the downloaded software file twice to install the drivers to the PC, continuing with the wizard instructions to make sure that the printer is configured correctly. Reboot the system if prompted to do that.

Step 3: Access the two sliding paper instructions at the document feed panel’s base at the upper of the printer. Put the index cards in the middle of the board vertically; thus the smaller cards side is placed in the feeder. Turn the two controllers on either the feeder side near the middle to hold the index cards placed in position correctly.

Step 4: Access the software program that you want to use for printing. Use the ‘Page Setup’ dialog box in the application. You will find the ‘Setup’ menu in the ‘File’ section. Choose the ‘Page Setup’ option, followed by the Lexmark printer to use for getting printouts.

Step 5: Find the ‘Page Attributes’ configuration and then choose the size of Index card under the ‘Paper-size Setup’ option. Click ‘OK’ to verify the selection. Use the software to design your printed copies, and then choose the ‘Print’ option to print the stuff onto the index cards.

Before printing all index cards, you should print a test copy to check your Lexmark printer doesn’t have any issue feeding the card stock and that the ink doesn’t smear as the Index card goes through the rollers of your printer. If you find any difficulties when you print the card or another functional issue with your printing machine, call on the Lexmark printer customer service number to solve out the issues as quickly as possible.


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