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Who Called Me from 800-289-8004

– received a call from this number, just now? On the off chance if you get back to this number, you will get the menu (IVR) beneath.

  • Welcome to Wells Fargo Dealer Services.
  • For computerized accounts information, kindly visit our site at
  • To continue this message in English press 1.
  • Any moment, you may get back to the main menu by pressing this * key.
  • If you are making a call, in regards to an existing loan, press 1.
  • To apply for auto credit or loan, press 2.
  • If you are making a call for website support, press 3.
  • For options regarding payment, press 4.
  • For information concerning fees and charges on your loan, press 5.
  • To review these options again, press pound.
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