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Acer Laptops – Common Problems and its Quick & Easy Solutions

It is an undisputed fact that Acer is one of the most trusted brands of laptop that offers reliable incredible features and friendly user-interface. However, being an electronic device itself, we cannot deny the fact that glitches are also common with it. From sudden crashing of the laptop to the issues in display, there are a plethora of glitches which demands quick solutions from the experts. Just in case, if you are coming across similar kind of issues, you need to ensure that you have taken help from the experts of Acer Customer Support Team. Nevertheless, we have also tried to enlist some of the significant problems and of Acer Laptops along with their quick solutions. You can take a quick look to know more about it.

Acer support number

Acer Motherboard Problem

Repairs for any power issue as an aftereffect of fluid spill, control surge or lightning strike. Motherboards control the accompanying equipment, for example, Audio, Video, Power, USB, Firewire, and Keyboard/Touchpad. In case you’re encountering issues with any of your equipment have our expert’s analyze the issue. Regularly this is less expensive than swapping out your motherboard.

ACER LCD and Backlight

Broken Screen? Pictures continue glinting? Does your ACER tablet boot up yet before long blurs to dark? Don’t worry about it! We have come here with easy solutions! Whether your ACER LCD screen is missing pieces or lines of data has scratched surface, faulty backdrop illumination or no show work by any stretch of the imagination, Computer Repairs Logan can reestablish it to as-new execution.


Does your ACER portable workstation over warmth then shut down all alone? It might be an ideal opportunity to have your cooling framework looked at. This is an economical repair that can spare you from replacing your motherboard later on.

UPS /Inverter

Does your ACER LCD screen gleam and demonstrate a swoon picture? The Inverter controls the power setting off to your backdrop illuminations and might precipitate this issue.

ACER Laptop Touchpad

Does your touch-cushion quit working? Does your mouse continue solidifying or skipping? Is it difficult to control the cursor? If this is case, there are chances that your Acer Laptop Touchpad is not working, and you have to troubleshoot it as soon as possible.


Does your ACER portable workstation just keep running with the battery or does your DC Jack feel free? DC Jacks on most portable workstations don’t have enough support and will relax under typical wear and tear. We repair DC Jacks to a higher standard than the first Acer makers.

Startup Issues

Computer startup issues are normally connected to equipment flaws or infection diseases. Anything in the PC that is included in information stockpiling or exchange will influence the startup. For the most part, this is a direct result of the hard drive falling flat. Likewise, much of the time, this is an infection disease. Infections are composed to be unnoticeable on a PC, yet as they are brisk occupations, the nature of code that they are made of aren’t impeccable unfailingly. Here and there, you can feel a framework back off discernibly as a result of this reality. I for one suggest an entire system reinstall if there is an infection that you know or that you have found on the web which is a perilous one.


So, for users who are coming across similar kind of situations on a daily basis, we would advise you to get in touch with the professionals by calling them at Acer customer service number 24/7. Now, if you don’t have this number, you have the option to get this number from the website of Mycustomerservice. If you don’t know much about this website, it is recognized as a trusted online directory that provides numbers for all the USA and Canada-based customer services.


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