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All about Brother Mobile Printer PJ663

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Brother is one of the pioneers among-st printing brands, offering high quality and feature-laden products that excel at giving best experience to users. Recently, the brand has introduced a portable printer called Brother PocketJet 663, which is a ground breaking product that is sure to take the market by storm. If you want to know all about this printer, you can call brother printer support and talk to the expert. Here are some features and specifications of Brother PocketJet 663:

Print Quality –

The most amazing part of the print quality of Brother PocketJet 663 is that it gives crystal clear text printouts and also is reasonably impressive with image printing. The printer capacity is up to 300 dots per inch as per the specifications. However, the downside is that it prints only black and white and not in colors.

Portability –

Brother PocketJet 663 is a portable printer, small and lightweight, weighing only 1.3 lbs and can even be carried in a laptop bag. It can be kept on all kinds of surfaces, not needing a flat one as a necessity, so that printing can even be done while travelling in a vehicle. Since the printer has no ink, it can be inclined at any angle once loaded with paper, without any risk of leakage. Moreover, there is no problem related to refilling.

Power –

Another feature which makes Brother PocketJet 663 an excellent option in portable printers is that it has a very low power consumption, only 37 W while running and just 1.1 W on standby mode. Additionally, it can be run on rechargeable batteries, with up to 100 pages being printed with a single full charge.

Speed –

Brother PocketJet 663 excels at speed too, printing up to 6 papers per minute. User experiments have shown that the printer requires 10 seconds for loading and only half the time for giving a printout. However, when images are to be printed, the printing time may be increased.

Connectivity –

When the printer is to be used while travelling, it can be supported by a permanently wired kit for power connectivity. Similarly, it can be run with an AC adapter if to be used in a wall socket. The options can be chosen on the basis of user needs. USB or Bluetooth can be used for the purpose of transfer of filed to the printer while Windows, Linux and Apple products have drivers for the printer.

In conclusion, it can be said that Brother PocketJet 663 is a useful product for people who need to use it while traveling because portability is the main plus point it has. If you have any more queries about the product, you can call brother customer service number and get resolution from qualified and expert professionals available there.

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