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Avira is one of the most effective antivirus software for protecting the devices. It is highly reliable and enriched with the quality features and optimum presence so that no security threat can harm or corrupt the system. Technical issues in the Avira antivirus software are very rare, but when any issue arises it becomes quite complicated one. So, if you face any issue, then contact Avira Customer Support to avail the quick and effective solution to your problem. To have the latest features and functionality, it is become very important to update the software. Updating process becomes really messy when you don’t know the actual steps. If you are Avira user and unable to update it on Windows, there can be various factor causing it. To fix this issue, follow the steps mentioned below.


  • First of all, disable Windows Defender:

  • Usually, Windows Defender gets disabled automatically. But, in some cases, it won’t disable and you may face various issues due to this. So, you have to disable it manually for further use of Avira security. To do so:
  1. Open the Windows Defender.
  2. Then, open Virus and threat protection.
  3. Next, choose Virus and threat protection settings.
  4. And there, disable Real-time protection.
  • Second step is disabling Web Protection for sometime: –

    As Avira has installed for keeping your system protected in the entire way. Moreover, it can also manage web protection so there is no need of any web protection now. For the appropriate update process, try to disable Web Protection temporarily. This will help you in updating the system security in the desired way. In order to start it, you need to Open Avira Antivirus, and then choose ‘Settings’ option. After that, proceed to open Internet protection and disable Web Protection. Now, you can download updates as per your desire.

  • Next step is reinstalling Avira software: –

    When none of the above method doesn’t work, then re-installation must be the next step. In order to fix the update process, it becomes important to reinstall Avira in a proper manner. But to do so, you need to delete the associated files and registry inputs. It is very easy to download the new updates by uninstalling the previous software and then reinstalling Avira with the latest updates available.

Hopefully, the above mentioned methods work for you. In case, if you got stuck somewhere or you think that you need assistance, then dial AVIRA Antivirus Support Phone Number for the instant solution to your problems from the technical experts by Mycustomerservice.

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