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CCleaner Customer Service Number

CCleaner is one of the most popular utility software that is developed by the company Piriform. It is primarily used for cleaning the junk data and files such as malicious codes, broken shortcuts etc. stored in the computer. These files can potentially harm the PC and make it vulnerable to attacks, so it becomes it becomes important to remove such files. This remarkable PC cleaning tool is not only restricted to the cleaning but also makes the PC faster, thereby giving you an overall wonderful PC performance. The company is also known for its customer service. In case, if you face any trouble associated with the software or have any query, then contact CCleaner Customer Service for quick help.

Features of the CCleaner

  • It searches for the duplicate files and helps to reduce the drive storage space.
  • It quickly allows to access system restore points.
  • It can wipe the free space on individual drives to completely remove the residue files.

Even though the software has some great features, sometimes users encounter several issues. Here, in this article, we will discuss the common issues faced by the users associated with the CCleaner.

Common issues user face with the CCleaner software support

  • Trouble in installing the CCleaner.
  • CCleaner is not deleting the chrome history.
  • The software has stopped working.
  • It is unable in deleting the Registry Item.
  • It is unable to remove the faulty applications.
  • CCleaner shows installation error.
  • Trying to restore a Registry backup in Windows XP via CCleaner, but it fails.
  • After running the CCleaner, when user analyzes again, it says there are still files remaining.

These are the few common issues faced by the users. Apart from these, there can be few others as well. But the best thing is that all these issues can be resolved very easily. In case, if you face any such issue, then contact CCleaner Customer Helpline for availing the immediate help. CCleaner Contact Number Detail you several steps for quickly resolving your problem. The number provides you 24/7 instant support by Mycustomerservice.

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