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Configure Comcast Router To For Accessing Best Internet Services

Comcast wireless routers are best to connect with home/office PCs together. It allows you to enjoy internet services without any technical issues. The network PCs share info with a single internet connection. For smart Internet access, use any suitable router, but Comcast provides Netgear brand routers for efficient functioning. To avoid network issues, the new network gateway device must be configured to use advanced internet services. For more info about router and functioning, dial Comcast technical customer support service number. The technical support number remains open for every confused user on all working days.

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Things required to configure Comcast Xfinity router

  1.  Comcast router
  2.  Internet service solutions
  3. ethernet cables
  4.  Access to an electrical outlet
  5. Computer configuration settings

Steps to configure the Comcast router to use advanced internet services

Step 1: Plug cable modem into the ethernet cable and plug-in its other end of the router's back into the input jack on the.

Step 2: Now, plug the 2nd ethernet cable into the port of the PC and output jack on the router. The PC

must be direct wire connection to the router, even if you are installing a wireless network.

Step 3: Connect the router into the electrical outlet in the router’s back panel.

Step 4: Boot your PC and open browser. Enter "" in the browser’s address bar and press "Enter"

Step 5: Enter the username when the PC prompts, now type "admin" and the password & quot;password", and press Enter.

Step 6: Now Set-up the Wizard will open, and click "Wireless Settings".

Step 7: Select WEP settings, under the heading "Security Options".

Step 8: Now select an auto authentication and select 64 or 128 bit encryption strength.

Step 9: Enter WEP key as Key 1

Step 10: Click "Apply" and close the Setup Wizard.

If required, configure computer for wifi network access in the appropriate OS platform. Some computer automatically detects the new network and prompt to type WEP key for secured connection. The Comcast router users, who face errors in connecting to a secured network are most welcome to take help from the professionals at support center.

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