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Today, the market is flooded with the hi-tech gadgets. In that market, there is one exuberant product offered by Amazon i.e. Amazon Echo Alexa. It is a personal assistant and it is compatible with many devices. This product was developed by Amazon a “smart speakers.” In the year 2014, a small group of employees who worked with Amazon Lab126 had built new voice controller speaker. This software contains excellent features. This product has given tough competition to the other brand products like Apple Siri and Google Now. Alexa Echo simply perform a range of tasks with the voice commands. Although this device contains best and interesting features some users face trouble due to advanced technology. However, if you face any trouble, then contact Amazon Echo Alexa Customer Service.

How Amazon Echo Alexa Works?

Alexa act as a remote control or in other words it works as the brain behind Amazon Echo devices. You can ask the gadget to play your favorite music, tell you the weather forecast, add tasks to your to-do list, read you schedule or the news, set the alarms, manage humidifiers and thermostats and much more. This is a smart device that aims to make your home smarter. With the help of Echo Alexa you can perform your work in a more organized way.

How to set up the Echo Alexa Application?

In order to use the Amazon Echo, you need to set up the Echo Alexa Application. Follow the steps given below to do so.

  • First, of all download the Alexa app and sign in: – Before setup, download the latest version of the Alexa app in your. Go to the device’s app store and search for “Alexa App”, then select and download the app. You can also visit to from your web browser.
  • Then, turn on the Amazon Echo: – For turning on, plug the included power adapter into Amazon Echo and then into a power outlet. The light ring on the Amazon Echo turns blue, and then orange. When the light turns orange, that means, Alexa is greeting you.
  • Then, connect Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi network
  • After connecting to the Wi-fi network, talk to Alexa: – You can now use the Echo device. For getting started, speak the “wake word” and then speak naturally to Alexa.

If you face any trouble in setting up Echo Alexa, then dial Amazon Echo Customer Support number for availing the help.

Some common issue faced by the users while using Echo Alexa

Many times users encounter issue while using Echo Alexa. Here, some common issues faced by the users are listed.

  • Trouble in connecting with Wi-Fi
  • Difficulty in connecting with Bluetooth
  • Not able to download Alexa app
  • Error occurred during installation of this app
  • Facing setup issue with the Echo device
  • Trouble in changing the modem
  • Echo Alexa is not playing the music
  • Frequent internet disconnections are occurring
  • Difficulty in connecting the speakers with the Bluetooth
  • Getting yellow & red light on surface of the device
  • Relocation lead to Echo connectivity problems
  • Echo is unable to discover smart home devices
  • The device won’t turn on
  • Issues occurring due to streaming on this device
  • It is not understanding your command
  • Unable to connect with the smart home cameras
  • Inability in updating live traffic/weather conditions

These are the few common issues which users confront while using Echo Alexa. Apart from these issues, there can be few others as well. In case, if you face any such issue, then don’t get panic just give a call at Amazon Echo Alexa Phone Number and talk to the experts for finding solution to your problem by phone number directory of USA, Canada.

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