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Facebook is now one of the leading social networking websites that provides you a handy interface to connect with your loved ones. But sometimes you really need a break from your FB account, maybe this is because of your exam or you are spending too much time on it. So if you really want a break, then deactivate your account, which you can reactivate whenever you want. In addition, you can also delete your FB account permanently.

Deactivate Facebook Account

Steps to Deactivate Facebook Account:-

Step-1: First of all, Login to your FB account and click on the Settings icon.

Step-2: Now, click on the option “Settings” from the drop-down list, and then tap on “Personal Information”.

Step-3: Tap on the “Manage Account” -> “Deactivates” which available next to Account as well as to confirm follow the instructions.

As soon as your account is deactivated, no one else can see your profile. Still, some information, such as your messages and likes may still be visible and your friends still see your name in their friend’s list.

If you installed Messenger, then you can still chat with friends and profile picture will still be visible in your conversations.

Note: Simply login your account, if you’d like to come back to Facebook.

Steps to Delete Facebook Account Permanently:-

  1. Go to Facebook’s deletion page, after login and follow link
  2. Click on the option Delete My Account
  3. Enter password and type in the “captcha code” -> OK

After you submit your request, the deletion process begins 14 days. Your account is in a deactivated state, during this time. Within 14 days you can choose to cancel your account deletion if you want your account back.

In addition, if you found given steps tricky then you can get real-time Facebook Support by just dialing a toll-free number. With just one call you are eligible to obtain solutions to all FB technical issues with ease. So, just dial help number and let experts handle your issue with ease.

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