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Easy method to Setup Belkin Router in Bridge Mode

A Belkin Router is a handy device that helps you to internet from device like Laptop or Mobile phones. But it’s very annoying when you are not able to access the internet even from little distance like standing balcony. Now no needs to worry as to expand the range you can Setup Belkin Router in Bridge Mode.

Actually, wireless Bridge is a mode in that your Wi-Fi router can simply connect to a subordinate wireless Access Point directly.  By your main wireless router, this feature allows you to expand the range of the wireless network broadcasted.

Set Up Your Belkin Router In Bridge Mode

Check the following things in view the following things before you set up your Belkin in bridge mode:-

  1. The wireless channel must be analogous on both the access point and router.
  2. Bridge mode must be aided by the routers.

To Set Up Your Belkin Router In Bridge Mode Follow the Below Given Steps:-

Step-1: First of all, connect the router to one of the four LAN wired ports.

Step-2: Now provide valid IP address and then tap ENTER key.

Step-3: To enter the password you will be prompted to the next screen

Step-4: To log in you can leave the password field blank

Step-5: Choose the “wireless bridging” option, under the wireless settings

Step-6: Click on the option-Enable Only specific Access Points to connect

Step-7: To extend as a bridge and apply changes by submitting the LAN/WLAN MAC settings of the old router you want.

Step-8: To extend within the range place the Belkin router you want as well as power on both the routers one again.

Now your network range is expanded for more details either get Belkin router help or dial toll-free Belkin customer help number to the real-time assistance of experts.

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