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Although conventional customer support usually happens via phone calls, in some instances – typically those where the company is overseas, email support is often the way things work. While being very similar to phone calls in their working, email support is typically slower than phone services and requires more patience and perseverance. Not much can be done about the waiting time for your problem once your email has reached the competent authority, but that is not the only way things can go wrong. One way in which the time it takes for a response to arrive can double or even triple is when you send an email to the wrong person. The number of times your mail is forwarded to other personnel, the longer it will take for help to arrive.

Fortunately for seekers of email support, we have a website that has listed email IDs of hundreds of corporations ready for reference via a powerful and efficient search engine. With our help, you can find email IDs of people working dealing specifically with your problems and catering to your general geographical area. Hence, it is a good idea to always give our website a quick visit before you send an email to the general email ID provided by the company website. Our contacts will save you time and possibly a lot of frustration.

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