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Equifax Customer Service Number

Equifax plc is a consumer credit reporting agency which collects and aggregates information on over one billion people and businesses. However, if sometimes you face some issue, then you can contact Equifax Customer Support. There can be various issues such as:

  • Trouble in removing security freeze from the account
  • Trouble in adding security freeze in the account
  • Trouble in disputing an Equifax credit report
  • Something went wrong in the credit report

There are several other issues which user face and for that you can contact to Equifax Customer Support by following methods.

How to Talk to contact Equifax Customer Service number?

800-846-5279 is an Equifax phone number to call if you want quickly and directly connect to a live person. You will be asked only one additional question on this line i.e. whether you want to go through a survey at the end of the call.

Following are the options available on the call:

  • Speak to a live representative
  • Press 2 to hear results of your interrogation or enter a new interrogation.

Equifax has an alternative phone number 888-202-4025 which described for the business person but it also has an option to speak to live person.

When you call on this number you will receive following options:

  1. Press 1 for landlord needing to access files for potential tenant
  2. Press 2 for declined business account based on the Equifax business report
  3. Press 3 for licensed business calling to report consumer financial data
  4. Press 4 for telecommunications or utility provider
  5. Press 5 if you’re a licensed business interest in establishing Equifax account
  6. Press 6 if you’re calling about personal credit report

Equifax Customer Service Phone Number : – If you need help with your Equifax Membership, then just dial 714-830-7000. Here, you can reach a live person from Equifax and get the answers and solutions to your queries and problems instantly.

Equifax Customer support for Reliable Service

Phone Number:   phone number 714-830-7000

Call Time:       support for Equifax  Average Wait: 2 mins — 24 hours, 7 days

Talk to human:        customer support Direct to human.

Equifax websites: –

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