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Steps to Expand a Network in Belkin Router by Connecting One Router to Another

Routers are an essential device to enhance the internet speed. But if you want to expand the network then you can do so by adding more than one router within the network. Actually, to add more routers within a network, the administrator or user of the network must manage.

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Steps to Expand a Network in Belkin Router by Connecting One Router to another are as follows:-

Step-1: First of all, collect all the required equipment, make sure your using good quality routers as well as the system should be up-to-date updated and routers compatible.

Step-2: You should first note down the SSID value along with the passkey if you are trying to connect via a Wi-Fi connection

Step-3: The Ethernet cables should be the same as the routers are.

Step-4: Now, unplug the cables of the routers and turn OFF everything

Step-5: Connect one of the router’s Internet/ WAN port; make Router-1 to the high-speed modem via the cable at the Internet/ WAN port.

Step-6: To the computer Ethernet port, connect the Router 1’s LAN port

Step-7: Turn ON the modem and then simply start the system and router.

Step-8: Open the web browser window.

Step-9: In the address bar enter alternatively a few IP addresses you can opt such as or or if a user is using Belkin router.

Step-10: User can search for it on the router device, if there is no user id and password, or else he can go for resetting, which will set to default settings.

Step-11: Enable the DHCP server under either the LAN Settings or Network Settings

Step-12: By accessing any web page check the internet connection

Step-13: Unplug the router to system cable, if everything is set

Step-14: Now, connect the 2nd router and named it to Router-2 to the computer.

Step-15: Open the browser as well as enter the router IP address like

Step-16: Login with the user password or id.

Step-17: Now make DHCP server disabled under Network or LAN settings. For more details get Belkin Customer Service from Mycustomerservice.

Step-18: Enter the network name and SSID same as in Router 1, under the general settings

For any technical issues or queries, dial Belkin Customer Service Number and enjoy the real-time assistance of experts.

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