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Facebook Lite App: A Lighter Version of Social Networking App

Have you ever thought about the data that is being used up, when you are on the largest social networking site – Facebook? If you have a limited data plan, then you might get troubled. And if your phone does not have that much space so that it could accommodate the Facebook app, then what? The best option to avoid those problems is Facebook Lite App. Facebook Lite is a new version of Facebook which is built from scratch. Its main motive is to run smoothly even with the slow data connection and low-end phones. When you will download it is 1 MB and, once installed it takes nearly 2.82 MB of space. In comparison with 195 MB space that the regular Facebook takes up, it is nothing. Apart from all these, if you have any problems, issues or queries, then you can directly avail the solution. Facebook Lite App Help is always available.

Facebook Lite Help

Exceptional Features of the Facebook lite App-

Lite app has several distinct features which support it uniqueness such as:

  • Messaging: – As the app includes the messaging feature, so many users will be inclined to download it instead of downloading Facebook messenger together.
  • Multimedia: – The app will not play the videos. It is a huge saving to the expensive data plans. In case, if you would like to watch videos, then just hit the URL of the post and watch the video using a Wi-Fi connection later.
  • Costs: – Both the apps are free, but the download, updates and data transfer of the lite version is much cheaper.
  • Speed: – It is definitely faster than one could imagine. The app loads the pages in almost half the time that would have taken to load them on the full version of Facebook.

So, if you are thinking about reducing the data consumption and saving a little amount, then it is worth getting the Facebook Lite App.

However, sometimes, you might have queries or issues associated with the Facebook Lite App, but the best thing is that all these queries can be resolved and issues can be fixed quickly. There might be issues like: –

  • Can’t log in to Facebook.
  • Didn’t receive the code to confirm the mobile phone number.
  • Unable to upload photos.
  • Having trouble with Facebook for the Android app or iOS app.
  • Set up the Facebook texts but not getting any text messages (SMS) from Facebook.
  • Send the text messages (SMS) to post things on Facebook but it is not working.
  • Security or privacy issues

Apart from these, there might be few other queries or issues as well. If you have any such issue, then dial Facebook Customer Service phone Number for the instant solution from the technical experts by

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