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How to Fix Gmail Account Problems Related To Importing Email?

If you are facing problems in downloading messages from your old account into new Gmail or if your emails are deleted or missing after your import, then follow below-given tips:-

In case you’re having difficulties in importing your messages, then simply try each of the steps given below. Check to see if the issue is fixed after you try each step.

Step-1: Make sure you have entered the correct password.

Step-2: Check the account you are trying or want to import from still working condition.

Step-3: Remove and then add the email address back you are importing from using following steps:-

Here’s how: Open Gmail, on your computer.

Click on the Settings, in the top right corner of account.

Click on the tab Accounts or Accounts and Import.

In the section “Check mail from other accounts”, erase the email address you are importing from, and then add it back.

In case the above-steps didn’t work, then Contact Gmail support or check for issues with the Gmail uses to get mail from other accounts.

Other Problems User May Come Across:

  1. Connection reset
  2. Connection timed out
  3. Emails arrive more than once
  4. Emails arrive in the wrong order
  5. Still getting new emails after you stopped an import

If you want an instant solution to all emailing technical issues to get Customer service for Gmail via a toll-free number and experts handle your issues.

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