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Fix Internet Connection Issues of Tenda Router

Are you accessing the Internet via Tenda Router and suddenly is producing issues related to connection? If yes, then follow the given steps for the solution.

Internet Connection Issues of Tenda Router help

Steps to Repair Tenda Router’s Internet Connection Issues:

Step-1: Connect Your Devices Together:

Connect the Tenda Router with the help of a wired connection. Now, connect the yellow LAN ports of the Tenda device to get access to the Ethernet cable to effortlessly connect computers.

Step-2: Make Sure proper connectivity of Ethernet cable:-

Now, the LAN port where the Ethernet cable is connected is blinking, make sure do that light that corresponds. Though, it is the signal, which you can proceed with the next process. Otherwise, try to establish a connection with the system to another yellow LAN port.

Step-3: Log into the Tenda web-based setup page:-

Search for the login IP address to fix Tenda Router’s internet connection problems,

Now, again enter your login username and password, in case somehow users have altered the login IP address or password, users have to log in with a new password and IP address. For more details get Tenda Router Customer Support.

Follow below rules:

  • In setup page check for the connection status
  • Now, after users have logged into the setup page, click on Advanced Settings/Advanced icon
  • From the main menu select “System Status”

Step-4:  Check for Hardware Connection:-

  • In the setup page, change the WAN speed which is easily available
  • After users have logged into the setup page click on “Advanced Settings” icon
  • Now, to change the WAN speed into 10M Half-duplex or 10M Full-duplex, choose “Advanced Settings’ icon and choose “WAN Speed”
  • To its factory default mode reset your Tenda device

Step-5: Troubleshoot your internet connectivity issues

Alternatively, dial Tenda Router Support Number to enjoy the real-time assistance of experts related to the Internet.

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