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How to Fix Issue Unable to send email from Cox on iPhone and iPad?

Are you not able to send or receive emails via Cox account? If yes then no need to worry. Actually, most third-party email clients like computers or other devices (iPhone and iPad) can be configured to send as well as receive Cox Email. Cox provides the IMAP Server Settings and server names to help you get the most out of your Cox Email.

IMAP Server Settings:-

With the help of IMAP servers setting you can view emails through an email client, such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Windows Mail, or others. IMAP offers features like:-

  • It provides support for multiple accesses simultaneously. From any client device at any time, new email is available and accessible.
  • Only the header and sender information is downloaded, partial fetch that leaves more storage on the device.
  • It supports two-way communication between the email server and client devices, which increases the stability of the server.
  • If needed, messages can be downloaded to the client device.
  • Massage actions such as reply to or read will be seen on any client device that accessing the same mailbox.
  • For specific messages based on different criteria, the server can be searched. It allows the user to download merely the messages they need.

To set up your Cox on most devices as well as email client programs use the following IMAP server settings:-

  1. First of all, enter your name and Cox email address
  2. User Name is the first part of your email address which is without and then enters password
  3. Select Account Type is IMAP
  4. Set incoming Mail Settings Server name is “” without quotations
  5. Enter port number is 993 with SSL enabled as well as the authentication box checked (if available)
  6. Enter outgoing Mail Settings is “” that is the server name
  7. Use one of the following options listed below to check the Port number and
  8. Set 587 with TLS enabled
  9. If available Enable 465 with SSL and the check authentication box
  10. Use either SSL or TLS “Yes”

In case your problem remains unchanged then get Cox email support. In addition, to obtain real-time assistance from experts call on Cox support number that is listed on Mycustomerservice directory.

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