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How to get a faster Comcast Wireless Internet Connection?

Comcast is basically a communication service provider that provides Internet service, digital telephone service and cable for television. Though Comcast is considered to be the best provider of secure Internet connection to the users, a list about the failure of connectivity is coming up since last few years. With that, while creating an account on Xfinity email, faults keep on popping up on the screen, which makes it quite impossible to work effortlessly. And this can be the reason why some users are now planning to shift from Comcast to another brand. In order to make the Internet connection faster, we have some amazing tips and tricks to keep the work going.

Some effective tips and tricks faster Comcast Wireless Internet Connection

Wireless speed can invite a variety of issues and can be caused by incorrect router configuration, bandwidth throttling, and device interference.

  1. Checking the Basics
  2. Check your speed
  3. Test to see if the bandwidth is being limited
  4. Find what speed you are paying for
  5. Check the Usage
  6. Ensure you have a protected wireless connection
  7. Consider where you live
  8. Checking your Computer
  9. Make your PC run faster
  10. Check on your virus software
  11. Close programs which put weight on the network
  12. Consider switching Browsers
  13. Checking the DNS Server
  14. Consider your DNS Server
  15. Get a DNS resolution service
  16. Alter your computer’s settings
  17. Use the program to search the best DNS Server for your location
  18. Checking your Router
  19. Properly situate the Router
  20. Properly configure your Router
  21. Consider getting a new Router

    Additional Tips : –

  • Try installing a personal firewall to assist blocking unwanted hackers and control what programs access the web. Free firewalls comprise Comodo & Jetico.
  • If you own a secondary firewall, ensure to disable PC’s default firewall. Running 2 firewalls at once will give birth to connectivity issues.
  • Ensure to turn off auto update of any software other than antivirus software on your Computer. Schedule to fetch downloads at a time when you are working. This way the connection will stay active and you will continue to have updated software version too.
  • If you plan to download a big file, then do so with a robust download manager. That way even if you lose the connectivity in the middle of a download, you don’t have to start again.
  • Use only Antivirus/spyware programs to eradicate bandwidth keeping programs that utilize the Internet.
  • If you are not computer-savvy, evade using Voice over IP which can be a reason of problems.
  • Don’t use a cable splitter, as this could damage connection flow.

If the above information does not seem satisfactory, you can consult the expert t their direct Comcast help number instantly. They will guide you to get through any such issue with ease. If this alternative does not suit you, there is another great option to search for online dictionaries such as Mycustomerservice that includes the phone numbers of the famous brands for the users in the US & Canada.

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