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How can I keep my Facebook account secure?

If you want to keep your FB account safe then make sure you follow all below given steps:

  1. Pick A Unique & Strong Password: –

    Try to choose a password with combinations of minimum 6 letters, punctuation marks, and numbers. Also, make sure that password doesn’t use for any of your other accounts.

  2. Think Before Any Click: – 

    Read each and every link and never click doubtful links, doesn’t matter they come from your knows like friends or company. You also shouldn’t download things if you aren’t sure what they are.

  3. Watch out for Fake Apps/Games and Pages: –

    Always keep eye on all page game and apps you like if you found any suspicious then keep away your account such things. Also be attentive when you install new games and apps.

  4. Don’t Accept Unknown Friend Requests:-Most scammers will try to communicate with fake ID so don’t accept the friend request from an unknown person because becoming friends with scammers automatically get permission to tag you in posts, post spam on your Timeline as well as send you hateful messages.
  5. Never Give Out Your Login Info:-If you’re ever requested to reenter your login password on FB account then make sure in the URL you are using.
  6. Log in at –

    Sometimes malicious persons will set up a fake page that looks similar a Facebook login page. So ensure you check the URL before your enter your login info.

  7. Keep your Browser up-to-the-date: –

    As the newest versions of browsers come with inbuilt security protections, so keep your browser updated.

Still if found any suspicious activity with your Facebook account that you never make, then it’s strongly recommended get experts’ advice and services via the Facebook Support Number. With the help of expert you can not only enhance your account security but also you can recover your hacked account with ease.

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