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How can you change Email client in Adobe Reader?

When an email link is clicked in Adobe Reader XI, the default email application is automatically opened up by the computer. This enables you to save on time but it can be troublesome if you are not interested in using this mail app. To get rid of this issue, you can contact Adobe customer service to get help for changing the email client in Adobe Reader. On the other hand, you can try it yourself too. Use the Preferences panel of Adobe Reader for changing the default email client; the other way to do it is from the Defaults section of the PC settings screen. Here are the steps to be followed:

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Changing email client in Adobe Reader

  1. Start by clicking ‘Edit’ in the main menu of Adobe Reader, followed by opening up the Preferences panel by selecting ‘Preferences’.
  2. From the left side of ‘Preferences’ panel, select ‘Internet’; next click ‘Internet Settings’ which lies at the bottom of the right pane.
  3. Then click ‘Programs’, choose ‘Email’ and select the application which has to be assigned as the default mail client for the Adobe Reader. Finally save the changes by clicking OK.

Changing email client in the Windows PC Settings

  1. Swipe the mouse pointer to the screen’s top right hand corner. Then select ‘Settings’, followed by clicking ‘Change PC Settings’.
  2. Next click ‘Search and Apps’ and then open Defaults page by selecting ‘Defaults’. Here, you can set default programs related to all types of content on the computer.
  3. Then click existing default application under email heading. Select another one from the compatible programs list that you have installed on the system currently. In case no default app is set when the Defaults page is loaded, then click the link ‘Choose a default’ which is placed under email heading. Finally select the application you want.

Some warnings and tips

  • Whichever default email client you select, it should run on the computer locally. For instance, web based platforms like Gmail, yahoo or cannot be used. In Windows 8.1, the default app is usually the Mail app, while Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook can also be used.
  • With Windows 8.1 computers, the Start button can be used for opening up the PC Settings screen. For this, you have to begin by clicking the Start button, then entering ‘PC Settings’ in search field and clicking ‘PC Settings’ from the results.
  • If you are making use of an Adobe ID and intend to change the mail address linked with the same, you will have to visit the website of Adobe. Click ‘Sign In’ button placed on the top right hand corner and sign in using the mail address and password of the Adobe ID. Use ‘Forgot Password’ link if you have forgotten your passwords and reset the same. Once logged in, you have to click the username on the top right hand corner and then choose ‘My Information’ for displaying the details of your ID. Now enter the new mail address in the filed provided and finish off by clicking ‘Save My Changes’.

If you are still unable to make these changes in the email client even after going through these steps, you can avail professional expertise at adobe customer service email. Here, you will be provided round the clock expert support to resolve all the issues related with the use of Adobe Reader.

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