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How To Add Files and Images in ATT Email?

Everyone around the globe loves to send files and images to family members or colleagues. Hereby, you can get to know how easily send files, open received attachments, add inline images, and attachment errors. To seek live assistance to add files/image in the mail, just consult ATT support agents. The technical representatives are ready to help the users on all working days.

Steps to add and remove attachments

Follow the steps recommended by experts to add files, while sending new email or replying the message sender.

Step 1: Select the "Paperclip Icon" in the "Compose" option displayed next to the SEND button.

Step 2: Browse the selection window and select the file you wish to send as an attachment. Now,

double-click to "Open". Also, alternatively select multiple files by pressing CTRL-key.

Step 3: Once the file is uploaded, you will find the thumbnail or icon at the bottom of the message box.

Hover the cursor over the attachments to check the limit of file size.

Step 4: Choose "Send", when you are ready to send the message.

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To remove the images you just added, hover the cursor over the files and tap "x". Now, select "Remove All", if you wish to delete all added files.

How to attach files using the compose assistant?

Compose assistant allow you to search and add files, images, links, and GIFs to the email without leaving AT&T email. Moreover, you can attach a received file into another mail without downloading the file. Instructions to add an image or file with Compose Assistant:

Step 1: Select + symbol appearing in the bottom of compose mail. It will now open an attachment window.

Step 2: Choose the type of file you wish to add from the available options, Tumblr GIF's, Links, Images and Sent/Received files.

Step 3: Double click the image or file that you wish to attach. The images and GIFs can be placed directly in the body of the message.

ATT Email account holders can add GIFs directly from the Tumblr database. Or add inline image directly from the computer. The AT&T customer Support invites interested users to seek assistance for problems occurring in ATT products.

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