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How to fix Error code 5 in Mojang Minecraft?

If you are getting Error code 5 in Mojang game and don’t know how to fix it, then no need to worry, here you can get complete solution of your issues with ease. Actually, the error 5 may appear because of various reasons like:-

  • Appears some kind of crashes with the active program window
  • Your computer frequently crashes because of this error, when you running the same program.

The Minecraft Error 5 is displayed when either one of the following causes:-

  • Windows runs slowly as well as response sluggishly to input device like mouse & keyboard.
  • Your PC occasionally “freezes” for a few seconds at a time with no reason

In order to repair Error 5 in Minecraft, it is essential to copy the error log link to the Internet web browser. After replication, it will simply download the fresh launcher version, which shall be changed by the old one in the directory of minecraft.

Steps to fix Error code 5 in Mojang  Minecraft are as follows:

Step-1: First go to the folder in that your game is installed by default it is like C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\tmp

Step-2: Now rename the file with extinction “.tmp”, which is found to Minecraft Launcher.exe file

Step-3: Copy the file renamed file

Step-4: Come out one level to this folder like in path given

C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft

Step-5: Now, paste the file and then replace the current launcher record. Your problem is resolved now.

If you are still troubling with the same issues then its recommended get help from Mojang customer service. In addition, you can call on Mojang Customer service phone number to obtain real time support from expert instantly.

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  1. I’ve called multiple numbers and attempted to access help sites but no luck. I haven’t been able to connect to Minecraft. Please help

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