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How to Fix Issue Yahoo Mail not working in iPhone?

Want to access your Yahoo emails on your iPhone on the go? If yes, then you have set up your account manually as Yahoo Mail not working in iPhone directly. Actually, all Apple mobile devices come with an email app that is pre-installed. Though this application won’t give you access to advanced features set up in the Yahoo Mail app such as your account info, managing folders, and themes. With the help of yahoo customer service, you can simply add a more than one Yahoo Mail accounts to send & receive messages from it.

Steps to Add a Yahoo Mail Account with The Help Of iOS Automated Setup

Note: This option is only obtainable on the newer versions of the iOS.

Step-1: Open the iOS Settings app.

Step-2: Tap on the option Accounts & Passwords.

Step-3: Tap on the option Add Account.

Step-4: Tap Yahoo.

Step-5: Here provide your Yahoo Mail address & password -> tap Sign in.

Step-6: Disable aspects of Yahoo Mail from syncing, optionally -> Tap Save.

Steps to Add a Yahoo Account Using IMAP Settings Manually:-

Note: It is supported by older versions of the OS that why the automated setup is not available.

1)        First of all, open the iOS Settings app.

2)        Tap on the option Accounts & Passwords. For the old device, a user clicks on the option Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

3)        Tap Add Account -> Other.

4)        Type your full email address as well as a password -> tap Next.

5)        For incoming and outgoing servers enter our IMAP settings

6)        Enter your email ID for the user name-> tap Next.

7)        Ensure “Server Port” is 587 and “Use SSL” is on ->tap Done.

Steps To Update Fetch Settings To Get Timely Notifications Are As Follows:

The iOS devices support two types of email notifications which are Fetch and Push. Yahoo Mail is designed to work with Fetch that allows you to check new emails at regular time intervals with just a few settings. Open the iOS Settings app.

  1. Tap Accounts & Passwords-> Fetch New Data.
  2. Tap on a time interval from the bottom part.
  • Tap on your Mail account.
  1. Ensure that “Fetch” is opted.
Steps to Remove a Yahoo Mail account are as Follows:-
  1. Open the Settings app of iOS -> Accounts & Passwords.
  2. Tap on your Yahoo account ->Delete Account.

If you found above-steps tricky to follow then get experts assistance via toll-free yahoo mail customer service phone number and experts handle your issue with ease.

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