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How to Make Adobe Acrobat Pro Default on Your Browser?

By default, both Chrome and Firefox open PDF documents with an inbuilt reader. Even though you turn off that Reader or use other web browsers, the PDFs may open via the Adobe Reader add-on, externally in the Windows 8 Reader app. This free program provides fewer features than Adobe Acrobat Pro. In addition, to change its behavior in browsers, you need to change settings, both in Windows and the browser. On the other hand, you can call on the Adobe phone number to avail the expert help for making the Pro as a default reader in the browser.

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Firefox PDF Settings

Not like other web browsers, Firefox only contains core settings to choose the PDF viewer. Reveal the ‘Firefox’ browser menu, click the ‘Options,’ and then open the ‘Applications’ tab. Move down to the ‘PDF (Portable Document Format).’ Open the dialog box in ‘Action’ column and choose the ‘Use Adobe Acrobat’ option. It may contain the ‘default’ or Acrobat version number, which notifies the browser add-on instead of the complete program. If you don’t get the right option, click the ‘Use Other’ button and choose the Acrobat Pro from the list.

Windows PDF Settings

Adjusting the default PDF files viewer in Windows affects document opened desktop as well as the PDF file in Internet Explorer and Chrome. To move the default package from Adobe Reader to Acrobat Pro, click on the PDF file right side on your system. Click the ‘Open With,’ followed by the ‘Choose Default Program.’ Select the full Acrobat version from the list and click ‘OK.’ If you don’t find it in the list, click the ‘Browse’ option and search Acrobat Pro on your system. You can also change the setting via the ‘Default Programs’ control panel.

Chrome PDF Settings

Once you set up the default local PDF viewer, you require disabling internal viewer of Chrome. Input ‘chrome: plugins’ in browser’s address bar and click ‘Enter’ button. Click the ‘Disable’ option under the ‘Chrome PDF Viewer.’ If you have installed the Adobe Reader add-on, click the ‘Disable’ option. When you open the PDF after adjusting these configurations, your browser will download it without accessing. Click the arrow via the file on the Download bar and select the ‘Always Open Files of This Type’ option to indicate it to run Acrobat Pro in the future automatically.

Internet Explorer PDF Settings

Internet Explorer doesn’t contain an inbuilt PDF viewer, but it still uses the Adobe Reader add-on rather than opening documents in Acrobat Pro. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu of your browser and click the ‘Manage Add-Ons’ option. Locate the ‘Adobe PDF Viewer’ option on the Extensions and Toolbars tab. Choose it and click the ‘Disable’ button. Once you disable the add-on, it will ask you to either save or open the file when you open the PDF

Other Considerations

Information in this tutorial applies to the Adobe Acrobat Pro. Steps may be slightly varied, depending on the version you’re using the Adobe program or browsers. If you have any concerns about the given instructions, you can get them resolved just by making a call on the Adobe support phone number.

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