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How to Repair Common Kaspersky Antivirus Problems?

Kaspersky antivirus program is the most preferred security solution that offers both anti-virus and Internet security tools. This security software is considered as the top-notch product for customers; however, it’s not an error-free tool and users still face problems with that at times. Getting in touch with Kaspersky customer support and availing the experts’ help solves the possible problems and prevents them from reoccurring using the best troubleshooting technology. Also, check the given solutions to fix the problems permanently.

customer support number for Kaspersky antivirus

Lack of Email Disinfectant

When the Kaspersky antivirus program scans an email like other security services, neither antivirus nor its Internet security options, clean the virus from PST format attached files in the email that opens a door for the malware to enter into the system. In such a situation, you should upgrade your program from time to time update virus definitions. You can also ask the help of its professionals in the case of any issues.

Doesn’t Stop Spam

Kaspersky Internet Security contains a spam-blocking option; however, the antivirus program will not block or stop all spam. If there are any Japanese characters and the header checks aren’t turned off, spam can also enter via the Internet security at times. If you’re often getting junk email or spam to your mailbox even after having installed Kaspersky, then you should contact the Kaspersky customer care for further solutions.

Installation Problems

There are possible issues during installation, particularly with the internet connection that’s running slowly like as the dial-up connection. If you’re downloading Kaspersky from the site, the program might not install correctly with slow Internet. Sometimes already installed antivirus or remaining files of the uninstalled program can cause problems during installation.  So, you should first perform the clean uninstallation to remove the patches. Also, try to use the installation CD for more accurate installation.

Internet Explorer Issues

The configurations of Internet Explorer can cause problems because of the antivirus in most cases. Usually, the problem occurs by using various proxy servers than the start server, in which the settings and protocols are disturbed. If Internet Explorer isn’t properly running after you install Norton, you should change the firewall settings, which is the necessary tool of security against threats.

Relying on the Kaspersky antivirus configuration on your system, you need to modify the settings to let Internet Explorer access the Internet on the device. However, if you’re still facing problems while using the Kaspersky, then call on the customer support number for Kaspersky antivirus and get result-oriented outcomes to solve out all issues and errors.

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