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How To Reset Belkin Wireless Router Password?

Password protects Belkin wireless router and personal info from unauthorized access. If you try to set a connection, then the device will prompt to enter the password. For security purposes, you can change the password by using the web interface of the router. You can anytime, choose to reset the password to access the Belkin network gateway device. After reset, the router restores the default settings. Belkin login troubleshoot occur due to attempt made by the other user to connect with your network.  To avoid such situation, try to change the password and reset the router on a timely basis.

Follow the steps instructed below, as per your convenience. These steps help you to change the password, whereas the reset password feature reboots the router and sets a default password. Dial the Belkin support phone number for direct help.

Steps to change the Belkin wireless router

Step 1: On your favorite browser, open address to access the router’s web interface.

Step 2: Enter password and tap submit. Leave the field blank, if you do not remember the password.

Step 3: In the left window pane, navigate Utilities section and click System Settings.

Step 4: Enter the secured password if you remember or leave the field blank. Now re-enter the new password and click confirm.

Step 5: Edit the Timeout Value, if you want the router to auto log-out.

Step 6: Click Apply and enter the password to continue.

Steps to reset the password

Step 1: Start Belkin wireless router and press the reset button appearing on the back of the device. The reset button location may vary from model to model.

Step 2: Tap the reset button for 10 seconds, now the router will reboot automatically.

Step 3: Wait for some time, before the router restarts. Now, open on your web browser. To connect with web-based interface, and leave the password field blank, Finally, click submit to finish the task.

If you face problem while following these steps or need help for other email issues, then consult the Belkin support team. A reliable customer care representative will answer your queries without any time wastage.

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