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How to Reset Password on a Cisco Router?

Cisco routers are broadly utilized by numerous business or private divisions for sharing web association with numerous PCs. At times it happens that workers ' begins abusing the web and once in a while you additionally overlook your password. In such cases, you have to reset your secret key. It will be a savvy work to upgrade your switch secret word now and again as it assists you to secure your web association with being utilized by any undesirable client. Alongside this, your Cisco router has a devoted settings panel in which you can set both your managerial security code and your Wi-Fi password. At Cisco Support, we have given some progression to reset your router's password.

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Follow these steps to reset password:

Step 1- Log into your Cisco official site utilizing a Web program on any PC at present router connection.

Step 2-Open another Web program tab include the accompanying IP address into the location bar and enter:

Step 3- Log into your Cisco account with authoritative username and password. If you are uncertain about your password and signing in for first time in your Cisco router, then leave the username field clear and enter the word " password" without quote in the password field.

Step 4-Click Setup on the menu and after that tap the Quick Setup tab.

Step 5-Enter another regulatory password in the Router Password field and after that Enter it again in the Re-Enter to Confirm field. Pick a password that is simple for you to recollect yet troublesome for an outsider to figure.

Step 6-Scroll down to the WLAN area, if fundamental, and enter your new Wi-Fi password in the Pre-Shared Key field.

Step 7-Click the Save Settings catch to confirm up your new passwords.

If you face any trouble in following the steps, then you can give us approach Cisco support number and instantly resolve all the problems


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