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How to Resolve Epson Printer Error 0x00000052e?

The Epson Printer Error code 0x00000052e occurs commonly when you try to setup a network device on a laptop which is running OS Windows 7. This code points out that your operating system is not connected to your printer. Basically, this problem occurs when your credentials on the Windows 7 OS, do not match with the credentials that are warehoused on the print server. But sometimes others reason also may exist for getting like sometimes indicate some Login failure issues and an unknown username & bad password etc. Well, you can effortlessly fix error code 0x00000052e, just by calling on Epson printer customer care number or following the simple procedure that is given below.

Steps to Resolve Epson Printer Error 0x00000052e:-

Step 1: Fill accurate credentials in the authentication window. To open authentication window, you have to open a Command Prompt window before adding the network printer, and then simply type the command: “start \\<servername>\<printername>” without quotations.

Step 2: Store a trustworthy recommendation like ID password in Credential Manager. To add details first of all go to the Control Panel -> Credential Manager Option -> click on the Add a Windows credential -> now provide an appropriate print server name, simply enter a username and password and then press OK button.

Step 3: Add Printer by Stopping Services

Over and over again many users encounter a few problems with their Windows OS 7-64 bits as well as trying to link a printer on another window 7-64 bits workstation at that time they get the 0x00000052e error code. Hence, you requisite to follow below-given steps to repair it with ease.

Go the computer icon and then click right button on it -> Manage option. After this sometimes it will ask for the admin password to open the window so enter it.

Click on the services and applications-> tap on services option.

Scroll down to the print spooler and choose properties by clicking right button

Hit on the STOP button to stop the service –> click on START to start the service -> add printers wizard and can work fine.

Your problem is resolved now, but in case if you found any trouble to follow these steps then its recommended call on Epson support phone number to fix the same issue in the best way instantly.


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