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How to Troubleshoot Error 19 and Error 999 of Yahoo Mail | Fix Yahoo Account Locked Error

Nowadays, Yahoo Mail users are complaining that they are getting error code 19 and error 999, while they try to access their account. If you are one of those users then no need to worry as this issue is usually temporary and will correct themselves automatically within 30 minutes.

Actually, Yahoo error 19 or 999 message showing your account is locked temporarily, so sign out of all devices and browsers for at then again try accessing your Yahoo. Contact yahoo if your account is locked can keep it locked for a longer time.Yahoo mail temporary error 19

Reason for Yahoo Mail Account Locked Technical Error:-

  • Unusually suspicious activity from your computer, IP address or mobile device to specific Yahoo pages could be the reason for getting this issue
  • Sometimes you are not able to access your account if you are sharing an Internet connection with others
  • Your web browser is not enabled to accept cookies from Yahoo.
  • An issue may occur because of any spyware or viruses.
  • Using a third-party application or software program to access Yahoo

These can potentially change your device settings as well as prevent you to access certain websites such as Yahoo.

A solution of Technical Error 19 and 999:

Step-1: First of all try to open your account from another or a different Internet connection.

Step-2: Enable your web browser to accept cookies.

Step-3: Scan your device and remove if any malware, spyware, or other viruses.

Step-4: Check your Internet connection is not being accessed by others.

For instance, safeguard a home Wi-Fi connection with a strong password.

In case your problem remains unchanged, contact yahoo customer care by phone number to obtain the reliable assistance of experts.

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