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How to Troubleshoot If Adobe Acrobat Failed to Load Core DLL?

Some system error messages provide you unambiguous info about the state of your computer and the issue that just encountered up to prevent you from doing any task. Some of them leave you scraping your head, speculating whether you’ve encountered a small technical hitch or a severe failure. You may get ‘Acrobat Failed to Load core DLL’ error message while using Adobe Acrobat, depending on which of numerous causes prompted the error to occur. Usually, you can also talk to the professionals regarding the same by dialing Adobe customer support phone number.

Interpret Error Message

If you are using the Microsoft Windows operating system, then the error message ‘Acrobat Failed to Load Core DLL’ undergoes via various versions of Adobe Acrobat, and now with its sibling program, Adobe Reader. It shows when you try to open the software, but it fails to run. This error message encounters due to three possible causes, for each you need to take the correct action than the previous one. If you try the process in order from minor to most radical, you can prevent your diagnostics as quickly as your symptoms decrease.

Repair Program
Your Adobe program may have regularly corrupted, but not adequate that you should remove the software and reinstall it. The Adobe Reader comes with self-repair abilities that you can access via the ‘Programs and Features’ section of the Control Panel. While you choose the Adobe Reader and click the ‘Change’ option, you can get the repair feature and fix the error. If this process doesn’t provide the accurate results, your system may be hiding a part of malware that stops it from functioning as expected.

Remove Malware
Rootkit infection disappears itself among the core functionality of your operating system and reduces the method Microsoft Windows works. Such kinds of malware and the infected files can remain invisible or hidden, even if error messages like this one in Adobe program can sign its occurrence indirectly. Specified malware cleanup can eradicate a rootkit from your computer. You can scan your system using the free anti-malware program to seek out the rootkit, remove its infestation and runs your computer to normal once you reboot it.

Reinstall Software
If your Adobe Reader still doesn’t run even if you have tried everything, then the problem may be related to fundamental software corruption. At such time, uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader to run fresh with the latest release of the software. You should use the ‘Remove’ option to clean out your current program instead of repairing the Adobe software via the Control Panel. Go to the Adobe’s official website and download the correct installer.

Other considerations
When all else fails, you should avail the quick solution of the error message via the Adobe customer service chat help. You can also call at the Adobe toll-free number and get rid of the Adobe Acrobat failed to load Core DLL error message in no time.

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