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How to troubleshoot the “Unsupported Cartridge” error in Kodak Printers

The “unsupported cartridge” error can interfere with your printing work process and hamper profitability, so you should resolve it to reestablish your printer to a working state. The message implies that your printer can’t remember at least one inkjet or laser cartridges. An unsupported cartridge error shows on your printer’s installed display or on your PC’s screen through a dialogue box cautioning. The notice could possibly have any alternatives, similar to OK or cross out, to reject it.

To know the troubleshooting tips for the same, you can either consult the professionals by calling them up at Kodak printer service number or you can go through the tips enlisted below.

Seal Removal Issues

At the point when putting in new cartridges in your printer, you should evacuate the plastic seals covering the cartridges’ sensors and ink/toner cover. The seals are stickers, often tabs are bright in color, and contain data on the most proficient method to evacuate them appropriately. Inability to expel the seals brings about at least one unsupported cartridge errors.

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Off-base cartridge Installation

Your printer shows an “unsupported cartridge” error when you introduce a cartridge inaccurately inside the printer. One side of the cartridge may not be situated completely in the cartridge’s holder or the cartridge may not be the distance in the holder. To determine the error, kill your printer and expel the cartridge. Reinstall the cartridge until you hear the cartridge click set up or it’s completely situated in its holder.

Harmed Cartridges

On the off chance that your printer contains at least one harmed cartridges, it will most likely be unable to perceive the cartridge legitimately, bringing about an unsupported cartridge error. The cartridges might be introduced accurately yet the harmed range on the part is meddling with the printer’s hardware. To determine the error, kill your printer, expel the cartridge, and introduce another cartridge.

Incompatible Cartridges

An unsupported cartridge error likewise happens when you introduce a cartridge that isn’t upheld by your printer. The cartridge could be the incompatible one yet at the same time physically introduces in your printer. Then again the cartridge could be one you believed was a right cartridge yet was in the wrong bundling. To determine the error, kill your printer and expel the off base cartridge. Buy and introduce the right cartridge.

Cartridge Identification

In case you’re uncertain of your printer’s cartridge type, counsel the printer’s proprietor’s manual. The manual contains a posting of cartridges that are perfect with your printer. Every cartridge has a number, so coordinating the brand and number is one approach to guarantee you buy just cartridges that are good with your printer. If you no longer have your printer’s proprietor’s manual, contact your printer’s producer or counsel a printer cartridge affiliate like an office supply store, hardware or retail superstore and utilize the store’s ink/toner supply book or PC stand to find your printer’s cartridges. You require your printer’s image name and model number to finish the ink/toner seek prepare.

If you are unable to fix the matter even after trying all the above given hacks, make sure that you have taken help from the professionals by calling them up at Kodak support phone number. Just in case, if you don’t have this number, you have the option to avail it from the website of Mycustomerservice.

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