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How to Upgrade TP-Link MR3020 to the Latest Firmware

First of all plug an Ethernet cable to computer to the TP-link mr3020. Here we are using cable for the reason that it’s more trustworthy than wireless because upgraded firmware wants stability.

Besides, make sure computer power keeps turn on while doing connecting to the device because if the main process got interrupted while bringing up to date firmware, it can block the hardware itself.

Guide to Upgrade TP-Link MR3020 to the Latest Firmware

Step 1: Change the IP of your LAN go to start button -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Adapter Setting -> Local Area Network -> Properties -> TCP IP V4 and then change the IP address from  at the place of X you can put number 1-253

Step 2: Now open your web browser and type IP, it will be prompted to you in small window that is asking for login the ID and password is admin

Step 3: From the left side go to Tool -> update the firmware. Choose the firmware that we already download and then wait until the router reboot.

In case if you are not able to fix this issue then it’s time to take advice from TP-Link Router Customer service. In addition, you can call on TP-Link support number that is listed phone directory.

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