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SKT Internet Customer Support Number

Almost every area in United States has two or three option as an Internet Service Provider. In order to find if the internet services are available in particular region, we visit the official website of the internet service provider and search the customer service number of the provider. We call at the customer service number to check the availability of the service provider in that region or to check whether the price and data speed is reasonable or not. In this article, we will be discussing the services provided by the SKT internet such as internet speed or bundle services. In case, if you have any query or counter any problem, then call at SKT internet Customer Service Number.

Why to choose SKT internet

SKT internet provides three internet speed connections depending upon your need.

  • Basic internet plan offers a 6 Mbps download speed for the daily regular internet browsing. You can connect upto two or three devices in this connection and use it for checking your emails and stream movies in the standard definition.
  • Mid internet plan offers a better download speed of 12 Mbps and connects up to the 4 devices. In this connection, you can stream movies in high-definition and play online games without hindrance.
  • The top internet plan of SKT internet offers a very high download speed of 25 Mbps and you can use it for heavy browsing and download.  You can connect more than five devices with high-definition streaming of all your TV shows in all the devices and play multiple online games at the same time.

Bundle plans offered by SKT internet

SKT internet offers two residential bundle plans to the customers.

  1. The first bundle is the triple bundle in which you can bundle up your internet service, phone service, and cable and minimize the cost. In this offer, you get a high speed internet, phone/voicemail with 100 minutes long distant call and cable TV with more than 60 channels.
  2.  The other bundle is the double bundle which offers internet service and phone service. In this offer, you get the phone/voicemail with 100 minutes long distant call. Depending upon your location, bundle plan may not be available. So, please contact SKT Internet Customer Service for further information at Mycustomerservice.

Hopefully, the above mentioned information was helpful for you. If you require any other help or assistance, then call SKT Internet Customer Support Phone Number which is available 24*7 to provide you the guidance in the quickest possible time.

Call on SKT Internet Customer support for best services at this number

Contact Number:     phone number 888-758-8976

Call Time:                 support for sktAverage Wait: 2 mins — 24/7 Support

Talk to human:         customer support Wait for the operator.

For online 24/7 help:     Customer Care  skt Customer Care

Company URL:      skt support

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