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Keep Your Drive Data on Your Fingertips | Google Drive to Sync

Google drive is one of the most loved media to back up files from SD cards, camera, and computer to the cloud. To create a backup you just need to get Google Drive to Sync with the help of following steps.

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Step-1: Start Google Drive and do the following:-

Mac users: – Go to the Finder -> Application -> Google Drive

Windows Users: – Start-> Programs-> Google Drive

Step-2: Click the icon Google Drive

Step-3: Click More in the top right

Step-4: Click on Preferences -> Sync Options -> My Drive.

Step-5: Click to pick which subfolders or folders will sync like- Sync everything in My Drive or Sync only these folders.

Step-6: If you choose Sync only these folders, then click the box from the left side of the folder names to pick what folders will sync.

Step-7: To confirm your changes click Apply

Steps to Change Download and Upload Rates:-

Step1: Click the icon of Google Drive

Step2: Click More icon in the top right and then choose Preferences.

Step3: Click on the Advanced and then Network settings option.

Step4: Click Button which is available next to the option Download Rate and Upload Rate you want:

  • Choose Limit to use a slower rate, and you can use the arrows to change the rate.
  • Choose Don’t limit to use a faster rate

Step5: Click Apply.

Although, these steps are easy to follow still you can dial Google Drive support number if you come across any technical issue and want the assistance of experts to fix them efficiently

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