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Simple Method to Block email Address from Gmail Account

Gmail is the Google’s mailing interface, which is accessed by millions of people to send and receive emails professionally. But as with other emailing service providers, it will also not able to prevent your account from spam messages or from annoying users.

If you want you to want a solution to these annoying spams or want to certain Block Address then do it manually or contact Gmail by phone to obtain the real-time assistance of experts.

Block Address from Gmail Account

Steps to Block Address from Gmail Account on Web or Android:-

Step-1: Go to the Gmail and login into your account. Go to Settings by clicking on gear icon from Settings

Step-2: Now, go to the email which you want to block, and then click on the option Filters and Blocked Address.

Note: click on “createfilter” option there, if you had done before otherwise

Step-3: fill details for which you want to block, from the box where you need a block to and save it.

Step-4: That’s it! Now, email addresses will get blocked.

If you want to Block Email Address on Android Device, then follow given steps.

  1. Open the Gmail app and then go to the email address which you want to block.
  2. Now click on 3 dotted button and click on the block “Sender name”.
  3. From now, you will not get any email from the selected sender.

Although, given guide are easy to follow, still get Gmail tech phone number, if you want further assistance or want a solution to any technical issue instantly

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