Mojang Customer Service Number

Mojang, the notable game developer company was established in May 2009. This Swedish IT company gained immense appraisal with its most popular game “Minecraft.” Currently, Microsoft has taken over the company and all the support services are now managed by the Microsoft in association with the panel of qualified Mojang game developers. Dial the Mojang customer support number to resolve issues appearing in games, Minecraft, Scrolls, Cobalt, Crown and Council.

Common issues resolved by Mojang Customer support

Unable to play game in Windows 10/Playstation Contact the Mojang technical support to find the best solutions for all kinds of game related errors. If you love playing games with no errors, then choose the direct support service and unleash the best experience of playing HD games. Please maintain patience while dialing the helpline number, as the live agents attend a long queue of callers. Get ready to consult the gaming experts now.

Mojang Customer Service Number for best Support

Phone Number:    1800-830-6170

Call Time:                               Any Time
Talk to human:                     You can press 0 to leave a message, 24/7 support
For online 24/7 help:         Mojang Customer Care
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number to call:                    Call Via Web

Company URL  :          www.mojang.com

Mojang Customer Service Number
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7 Responses to Mojang Customer Service Number

  1. Patricia says:

    Mojang I have a nintendo switch with Minecraft I purchased the Norse mythology mashup pack and I still cannot save the game says its in trial but I purchased it please help

  2. Vincent DeLaney says:

    So I talked about this problem like almost a year back I think, But my problem has still yet to be fixed… so the problem is that my Mojang account had Minecraft connected to it by a gift card from what I know… Now like a few months ago I logged on to seeing that I only had the demo mode… which really ticks me off because I paid 26 something dollars for something that wont even stay like what!?

  3. Kat says:

    I’ve been plying Minecraft for years, never had a problem, until recently when I was having internet problems so I would play offline. Once I got back online and updated my Xbox one – the game started crashing. It won’t even load, I’m just kicked back to the home screen.

  4. Mr steven allen says:

    Hi two questions,i purchased minecraft java edition last week for my son only i paid £17-95 twice by mistake,could you possibly refund one and the other question is my son cannot log in as he cant remember his password many thanks.

  5. Adam says:

    Hey I’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time and can’t get on any servers anymore because of Xbox I don’t own one and don’t want to sign in and get a account and please help.

  6. Garion steward says:

    Hi this is Garion I’m trying to play Minecraft with my friend on ps3. But it says host has exited the game on every map we try to play. I have tried everything on the internet. Restarting the game, existing the entier application, shutting off my internet receiver and modem and restarting them, I’ve every tried several other silly methods. NOTHING is working and it seems like this problem was a problem a long time ago and this is very upsetting please please get back to me or fix this god damn problem before I have to keep calling you this will not be pleasing for me or any one else.

  7. Noah E says:

    Before Minecraft became the new Minecraft. From many battle map packs and the favourites Minecraft game. I had many packs. Now I only have the digital downloaded ones. Now to the important part. I spent 8 dollars on renewing my Xbox Minecraft realm but it never went through on the Minecraft end but it did on the card. Can you help with the problem? The email listed is not the email I use for my account. My Gamer Tag is ThunderBirdSwag.

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