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USRobotics Customer Service

U.S. Robotics Corporation’s another name is USR that is a company which produces USRobotics computer modems. It comes with all features that is essential for reliable connections and provides highly secure Business transactions on the web. This modem available in different version like Home Modems and Business Modem.  The best part is, with an exclusive line probing technology USRobotics avoids and detects obstacles between the modem and the Internet Service Provider like obstacles which slow down your connection speed.

Although, this modem is powerful enough to meet the requirements of small or large organizations as well as with line probing technology it identifies the most efficient route from the ISP. But still in some case you want USRobotics support services to ensure secure, reliable, fast data transfers.

A List of Issues in that you may Want USRobotics Support:

  • How to fix error 777
  • Resolve router setup and problems
  • US Robotics modem error in command AT+CPMS
  • US Robotics Sportster External modem giving PPP exit error #10
  • Password recovery
  • My software doesn’t recognize my modem
  • My modem is responding, but is reporting a No Dial Tone message
  • How to Check for a Non-standard Dial Tone
  • Modem isn’t achieving a 56K Internet connection

To resolve above given glitches or any other errors related to it, connect with the technical experts by calling them up at USRobotics service phone number.  The authentic USRobotics support number is enlisted at, here you will hardly find solution of your difficulty with ease.

Call USRobotics customer service at this Number for best support

Phone Number:       1800-830-6170
Talk to human:         Follow Prompts; Small Business Support
Call Time:                Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 10 PM EST
For online help:      USRobotics Customer Care
Company URL:
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number to call:         call via web

USRobotics Customer Service
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