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What Is The Procedure To Disable Facebook Places?

Want to disable Facebook Places and don’t know how to do so, then no need to worry as here you can find out simple steps to fix your issues or Get Facebook 24/7 customer service. Actually, if the FB Places application feels a little too to you, then you can simply pick out of by this feature thru never option “checking in” anywhere. However, that is not enough to save you geographically anonymous. Means other people can tag you as well as reveal your place to whoever they create their profile info available.

Steps To Disable Facebook Places Are As Follows:-

Step-1: In the upper right-hand corner go to “Account” and click on Privacy Settings.

Step-2: Click on Customize Settings.

Step-3: Check for ‘places I check in to’ as well as ‘Include me in People Here Now after I check in’ option. Also, make sure next to “Include me in People Here Now after I check in” is unchecked.

Step-4: From the drop-down click ‘Places I check in to’ and click on Customize.

Step-5: Select “Only Me” from the first drop-down menu.

Step-6: Go back to privacy settings. Now, check for friends can check me in to Places, which is the section namely ‘Things Others Share’.

Step-7: In the drop-down menu, choose “Disabled”.

Step-8: If any friend has previously tagged you in a location as well as you don’t want to be tagged, then first un-tag yourself:

Step-9: Go to your friend’s Profile -> select “Remove Tag”

If you found any trouble to disable your location, then call on Facebook 24 hours customer service phone number to get experts help and support. A toll-free number is listed on directory.

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