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Simple Procedure to Set a Self-Signed Certificate in Thunderbird

Want to set a Self-Signed Certificate in Thunderbird? If yes then read this post it will help you to access your Mozilla Thunderbird email account. Actually, this problem is related to secure authentication from a directory service or LDAPs protocol.

Steps To Create Exceptions For Your Self-Signed Certificate In The Application:-

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird account -> go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> tab Certificates. 
  2. Click on View Certificates as well as go to tab Servers.
  3. Click on Add Exception.
  4. Enter the name of your mail server and then click on Get Certificate.

Note: Do not forget to use the port number of the mail server for Instance:

  1. Save the exception.
  2. Now your self-signed certificate is measured as trustworthy by Mozilla Thunderbird.

Steps to Fix Issue – Server Certificate Is Not Available

  1. Follow these steps, if your Thunderbird has an Issue acquiring the server certificate:-
  2. Open Mozilla Thunderbird account -> Options -> Composition -> tab Addressing.
  3. Check the option Directory Server and then click on Edit Directories -> Add.
  4. Enter the essential info a check Use secure connection and then confirm the dialog.
  5. Select the list of directory service servers
  6. Click on Download Now, on tab Offline
  7. Save all changes
  8. Now, you can add the exception as mentioned above.

Still, if your problem remains unchanged then call on Thunderbird customer support to get experts’ advice and support to resolve your issue.  The toll-free number is listed on Mycustomerservice directory.

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