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How to protect your Thunderbird passwords with a Master Password

In your Thunderbird email you can save your each account passwords, so no need to re-enter them when you check for new email. A user can view them as well as eliminate the ones they don’t want to use anymore.

The best part is if you share a PC, and do not want share stored passwords with the master password feature, then Thunderbird will allow you to enter a master password in order to see as well as use the passwords you’ve said Thunderbird to remember. If you have a set master password, then you’ll only require type it once per session.

Steps to Defining a master password:-

Step 1: From the top of the Thunderbird window-> either click the Tools menu or simply press Alt + T -> choose “Options”

Step 2: Click on the Application menu  -> select Options

Step 3: Choose the Security panel

Step 4: Select the tab Passwords

Step 5: From the opened window check option “Use a master password”.

Step 6: At the Change Master Password dialog select the strong password that is the combination of capital letter, digits, non-alphanumeric character, like: $@ #  % & ^  * ( ) etc.

Step 7: Click OK, to set the master password.

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