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How to Create Restoring a Profile Backup in Thunderbird?

Your profile files are kept distinctly from the Thunderbird program files. Actually, these program files are static as well as do not change except when you upgrade the Thunderbird version. As we store profile & program files distinctly, the user can uninstall their Thunderbird without losing their messages as well as settings, in a case somewhat goes wrong with a Thunderbird bring up-to-date your info will still be accessible.

Steps to Create Restoring a Profile Backup are as Follows:-

Step-1: First of all, shut down Thunderbird.

Step-2: If your current profile folder and profile backup folder have the similar name, then simply substitute the current profile folder with the profile backup file, and then start Thunderbird.

Step-3: Restoring to a different location

Step-4: If the profile folder names don’t match or you wish to move/restore a profile to a different place, do the following:

Step-5: Completely close Thunderbird

Step-6: Use the Thunderbird Profile Manager to create a fresh profile in your chosen place, and then exit the Profile Manager.

Step-7: Find the backed up profile folder on your hard drive or backup medium like your USB-stick.

Step-8: Open the profile folder backup such as the xxx.default backup.

Step-9: Copy the whole contents of the profile folder backup like the file mimeTypes.rdf, prefs.js file etc.

Step-10: Find and open the new profile folder as illuminated above and then close Thunderbird

Step-11: Paste the matters of the backed-up profile folder into the fresh profile folder as well as overwriting existing files of the same name.

Step-12: Start Thunderbird.

Thunderbird support number is also available to provide you real-time support.

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