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How to Fix Windows 10 Issue – Flickering Laptop Screen?

Are you working on Windows 10 operating system and suddenly getting “Flickering Laptop Screen”? If yes then read this blog to get the solution to your issue. Here you can get solution related to issues like:-

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The flickering issue arises because of various reasons like usually caused by an incompatible app or display driver or other malicious programs. To know whether a driver or an app is causing the issue, check to observe if Task Manager flickers. You’ll need to either update the display driver or the app, based on that information.

Update your graphics card drivers:-

Screen Flickering on Windows 10 how to fix
If you’ve always had a problem with flicker, then update your graphics card drivers because it is the most likely cause. In the Control Panel, go to the option “Hardware and Sound” and click the option “Device Manager.” You’ll see the exact brand along with a model of your video card, under “Display Adapters”.
Simply go to the manufacturer’s driver Website as well as search and appropriate drivers. If you are facing any trouble then get Microsoft Windows 10 Support. Alternatively, return to the Device Manager and then right-click on your adapter -> “Driver.” After that click option “Roll Back Driver” -> “Yes” to confirm.


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