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How to Send or Open confidential Messages via Gmail?

Google’s email service Gmail allows you to send attachments and messages with a confidential mode, which protect your sensitive information. In addition, it allows you to set limits on what your recipient can do with your email like requiring a passcode, setting an expiration date or removing options to forward. Actually, your recipient will get a notification about the limits you’ve chosen, when you send the email.

Send or open confidential Messages via Gmail

Along with this, these restrictions help you to prevent your recipients from sharing your message accidentally, but a malicious recipients or recipient with malevolent programs still can copy your attachments or message. So for more details contact for Gmail help Number and let experts handle your issue.

Steps To Send Messages Or Attachments Confidentially:-

Step-1: Go to Gmail and Click Compose option.

Step-2: Click Turn on confidential mode Turn on confidential mode, in the bottom right of the window.

In case you’ve already turned on confidential mode, then go to the bottom of the email, and then click on Edit option.

Step-3: Now, set a passcode and expiration date, which impact both the attachments and message text.

Step-4: Recipients of Gmail app will open it directly if you choose “No SMS passcode” and recipients who not use Gmail will get an email a passcode.

If you choose “SMS passcode,” recipients will get a passcode by text message. Make sure you enter the recipient’s phone number, not your own.

Step-5: Click Save.

If you are a novice then get experts assistance and Contact Gmail Support by Phone to enjoy expert’s assistance and let them fix your issue with ease.

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