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Simple way to fix Google Chrome Not Responding In Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most popular and latest versions of the Microsoft, apart from being reliable and credible it also contains various benefits and modern features that make it different and better. When it comes to browsing Google Chrome is one of the most popular one being simple, secure and faster. Very large proportion of users is inclined towards the Google Chrome for browsing and scanning purpose. But, there are times when user has to face several issues, the one most common issue related with Google Chrome is, chrome not responding in windows 10. Therefore, it becomes necessary to resolve this issue.

Chrome Not Responding in windows 10

Google Chrome is not responding, how to fix it?

When Google Chrome becomes fails in responding, then this becomes a great problem, so fixing of this issue is required. User can follow the simple and easy steps enlisted below to fix this issue.

  1. Addition of Google Chrome to your firewall exception list: – Sometimes Google Chrome not responds due to issue with firewall. Because, firewall restricts the internet access for the certain applications, so in order to ensure that everything is working properly user needs to add Google Chrome in your firewall list. User can do this by following these steps.
  • Go to Search menu and enter Windows firewall option
  • Then, in the left pane, choose the option “Allow an app through the Windows Firewall.”
  • Then, click on option “Change settings button” and choose option “allow another app.”
  • Next, select Google Chrome and click “Add” and then “ok” to solve Google Chrome Unresponsive issue.
  1. Cleaning the DNS cache: – If Google Chrome is unresponsive, the issue might be DNS cache. And it could be solved by removing the cache. Follow the steps given below to remove cache.
  • Pres Window Key + X, then select Command Prompt option or the Power-shell from the list.
  • Next, enter the following commands and press enter after each command.
    1. Ipconfig/flushdns
    2. netsh winsock reset
  1. Scan the system for virus or malware: – Malware and virus could be one of the main cause of this issue, many times malware interfere with your browser and can make Google Chrome unresponsive. So system must be scanned properly.
  2. Disable extensions: – Disabling Java in Chrome can solve the issue of unresponsiveness.
  • Go to tools option and click extension
  • Click on the switch of the extension, which you want to remove.

These are the several steps following which user can solve the issue of Google Chrome Not Responding in Windows 10. In case, there is any query or doubt then user can contact to Google Chrome support number, which is available 24*7 to assist and help the user.

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