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Top 5 Solution of Office 365 or 2016 Installation Error 30180-4

Want to know how to Fix Office 365 or 2016 Installation Error 30180-4 and don’t know how to do so then no need to worry here you can get complete solution of your issue.  Actually, the given solution is applied to Office 2016, Office for Business Office, Office 365 Small Business and 365 Admin etc. Normally, this error occurs if your firewall, proxy settings, anti-virus software, or connection prevent you from installing Office 2016 and other programs.

A solution of Office 365 or 2016 Installation Error 30180-4 as the following pick according to your needs: 


Install Office 2016 Using The Offline Installer:-

With the help of Office offline installer, you can bypass potential proxy, antivirus, firewall or Internet connection problems that might take place during an Office 2016 installation.

To install an offline version of Office 2016, go to see Office offline installer as well as select the correct tab according to your version of Office.

office 2016 error 30180-4 support


Use A Wired Connection:

Plug your device in and try installing Office again, if you aren’t using a wired connection already to the Internet.


Try Installing From Another Location:

The network may be narrow in a way that won’t let Office install if you’re trying to install at school or work. Take your device home, or to a wireless hotspot, if this is the case then try installing Office again.


Temporarily Turn Off Proxy Settings:

Try turning off the proxy settings, if you use your device both at work and at home, in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge before you install Office. Check their help to know how to turn off proxy settings, if you’re using a different browser.


 Temporarily Turn Off Antivirus:

Sometimes uninstalling your antivirus software may also help. Check your antivirus manufacturer’s website for more information know how to turn off or uninstalling your antivirus software. Note: you can install antivirus after Office is finished installing.

Windows 10 comes with default Windows Defender and antivirus software. If you are working on it the go to the Start button -> Settings -> Update & Security, after that select Windows Defender on the left.

For more details or to obtain instant solution get office/setup 2016 activation support and let experts handle your issue with ease.

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