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Simple Steps to Access Free Yahoo Mail with Mac/iOS

Want to access your Yahoo email account via iOS device but not able to do so because of some annoying technical issues? If yes, then follow given steps. Along with Mac OS X mail, you can access Yahoo easily.

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Steps to Access Free Yahoo Mail with Mac iOS X Mail Are As Follows:

Step-1: Make sure the free Pop SD service is running install Mac Free POPs after installing Mac Free POPs

Step-2: From the menu in Mac iOS X mail select mail or preferences

Step-3: Now go the category accounts

Step-4: Click at the bottom of the Accounts list

Step-5: Under Full Name type your name

Step-6: Under Email Address enter your full Yahoo! Mail address

Step-7: Under Password options type your Mail password

Step-8: Now, to set up account automatically you need to just assure -> Click Continue

Step-9: Check that option POP is selected under Account Type

Step-10: Under Account Description enter “Yahoo! Mail”

Step-11: Type “local host” under Incoming Mail Server

Step-12: If you found problems using “local host” then do the following:-

Step-13: Enter your full Yahoo! Mail address -> Click Continue

Step-14: Click on the Continue again, ignoring the error

Step-15: Under authentication your password must be selected -> click Continue

Step-16: Under outgoing mail server you need to just choose an existing mail server for sending mail

Step-17: You can use Gmail or AIM mail accounts, if you are having no outgoing mail server through ISP-> click continue -> Now click Create

Step-18: In the Accounts list highlight the Yahoo! Mail account

Step-19: Go to the tab advanced -> Close the Accounts window -> Click Save

If you found above given steps tricky to follow then you can get help from Yahoo customer service live person.

You can enjoys yahoo customer support 2018 24/7 for all technical issues.

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