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Tips and Tactics to Speed up Video Uploading on Facebook

Video Uploading on Facebook

Waiting when uploading videos on Facebook can be annoying, but there’s not much you can do to improve the process speed. The upload time mainly depends on your file size and Internet connection speed. If you need to upload videos on the page or your Timeline on a regular basis, then you should upgrade to a faster Internet service. If you make your own videos, try to reduce the video’s file size. By reviewing the video and troubleshooting Internet connection issues, you can also fix uploading problems, without waiting for the Facebook customer service email help from the support team.

Improve Internet Connection Speed –

The broadband cable connection usually provides the fastest Internet available for homes; however, in some areas you can also get faster speed using the fiber optic connections. If you’re already using the fiber optic or broadband service, some ISPs provide tier upgrades that involve faster speeds for uploading. Another consideration is the time you choose to upload videos as Internet connection often the slowdown in the late afternoons and evenings due to increased use. So, try to follow these instructions to upload videos instantly.

Reduce File Size –

You can often slightly or significantly reduce the video file size before uploading them on the Facebook by lowering the resolution, decreasing the frame size or frame rate. If your video is too bulky, it won’t upload. When it drops within the size limits, you can upload it without waiting for the long. While uploading videos, it can take anywhere from a few of minutes to a few hours.

Check the Video Format –

Facebook supports almost all of the video formats from standard Windows Media and MPEG video files to the TOD and OGG media format. Additionally, video files are saved in a loss compression format like as WMV and MPEG-4 generally smaller instead of videos stored in a lossless format like as AVI or MOV. If the problem continues, check to see that your video is in a format that is relevant for Facebook. Also, check that the aspect ratio of your video is between 9:16 and 16:9.

If all else fails, contact Facebook Support

If you’re still getting troubles in uploading Facebook videos and unable to upload video files even after having the fastest Internet speed, then you should seek for the better optimization guidelines that can be availed at the Facebook customer service number. The experts will provide the best assistance to fix all sorts of Facebook issues in no time.

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